About Us

The UCC Hispanic Society celebrates everything about Hispanic culture and language. Our interest is not limited to Spanish, as we also celebrate Catalan, Galician, Basque, Portuguese and Latin American cultures.
The society aims to bring people together through a mutual interest in Hispanic culture, be it food, music, film, or language. Everyone involved has alot of fun and it is not hard work at all!
We host a variety of events throughout the academic year including regular Movie Nights, Tapas Nights and Intercambio (Language Exchange Nights). The annual Hispanic Week is a week long celebration with daily events and great parties and is always a crazy week. If you are studying a Hispanic language, the society is a great place to practice what you have learned.
Anyone is welcome to join the Hispanic Society. It is not limited to students of Hispanic Studies. We have members from 1st year all the way up to Posgraduates. It is a great place for incoming 1st years to make friends and get out and about. We are a friendly bunch!